What is new in EWISP 3.0?

  • Bug Fixes
  • Administrators can customize generated ICA files from a straightforward UI.
  • Ability to customize the layout of the EWISP web part, including the number of icon column.
  • Ability to lock the web part features to meet your company?s requirements such as reducing the available ?viewing options.
  • Support for fault tolerance by giving the ability to contact other XenApp servers if one becomes unavailable.

EWISP is a web part that powers a highly customizable web interface; seamlessly connecting applications, desktops and content published on Citrix XenApp servers with users through SharePoint 2013. EWISP enables organizations to further leverage their SharePoint implementations by offering users a single convenient and secure access portal for all of their applications, offering a delivery environment which is easier to maintain and govern.


  • William White

    Associate Director of Web Development, Enterprise Applications, Loyola University Maryland

    Only a few weeks before our implementation of SharePoint 2013, we realized that we needed a replacement for the Citrix remote access plugin for SharePoint. To our dismay we realized that Citrix no longer provided this functionality like they did for MOSS 2007. To our relief, we found that Extentrix filled the void. We contacted them and quickly arranged purchase of their solution for SharePoint. With only a week until our scheduled SharePoint 2013 go-live, we realized that the plugin wasn?t operating quite the way we needed it to. Panic set in, but Extentrix came to the rescue again with their outstanding technical support. Half a world away and about 9 hours? time difference, they were on the ball with quick and comprehensive support of their product. They were more than accommodating, working with us around midnight their time, so that on our end we could work with them during our normal business hours. After a few rounds of conference calls/screen shares, they were able to resolve our issues; and since our launch, we?ve had zero issues with their SharePoint solution for Citrix. As we all know, a product may seem great on the surface, but poor support can change that opinion of a product. Extentrix?s support of their product was flawless and really allowed us to meet a tight deadline and implementation schedule. They say hind-sight is 20/20, and I don?t think we?d want to deal with any other vendor if we had to do it all over again. Thanks Extentrix!

  • Bob Thompson

    Senior Director of Alliance Programs and Marketing at Citrix

    Extentrix has established itself as a trusted partner in delivering solutions that easily integrate with XenApp Server. The Citrix Ready designation offers customers an additional measure of confidence in the quality of solutions our partners, like Extentrix, bring to the marketplace.

  • Garry Olah

    vice president of business development and strategic alliances at Citrix

    Enterprise?s utilizing the application delivery technologies in Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop often integrate them with Microsoft?s SharePoint. Solutions like Extentrix WISP enable organizations to further leverage SharePoint for content and application access while delivering a familiar, convenient user experience as well as reducing maintenance and overhead costs.

Key features:

Simplified administration and user experience by leveraging the pass-through authentication capabilities of NTLM, Kerberos, SharePoint Form Based Authentication (FBA) and Extentrix Form Based Authentication (EFBA), even if the Citrix farm resides in a different domain than SharePoint.

  • Ability for both administrators and users to customize the ?web part appearance.
  • Support for Apple iPad.
  • Ability to present published resources in different views.
  • Ability to search for specific resource by name.
  • Favorite list: the ability to add specific resources to to a user -specific favorite list allowing fast accessibility to published resources.
  • The ability to switch on or off “default client name” through the web part properties

To request a demo of Extentrix Web Interface for SharePoint 2013, please click here.

Built to scale:

Fast installation thanks to the award winning Extentrix web services technology fully integrated within the web part ? many users report a typical installation time of 10 minutes or less.

  • Support for multiple Citrix Xenapp farms.
  • Improved performance of downloading published resource icons by creating a specific thread for that purpose.
  • Added support for Claims Based Authentication for use with Secure Store