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  • Designed For Citrix NetScaler MPX, SDX and VPX.
  • Supporting over 3014?ANTI-VIRUS,?ANTI-SPYWARE,?ANTI-PHISHING and PERSONAL FIREWALL security products to provide an extra layer of protection to your access strategy.
  • SIMPLE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE.?Creating and uploading EPA scans is straightforward and simple with our easy-to-use management console.
  • VERIFIED?COMPATIBILITY with Physical and virtual endpoint devices running all currently supported Microsoft operating systems (INCLUDING VISTA, 7, 8/8.1, 10)?both?32?and?64-bit platforms.

How about 4 professional solutions in one?

Extentrix EPA Scans 18.5 is four solutions in one; combining our Essentials, Smart Detectors, Safety Scans and Client Verification packages to create the most advanced and highly supported solution available!

Extentrix EPA Scans 18.5 ensures the security and integrity of?both physical and virtual endpoint devices?connecting to Citrix environments via Citrix NetScaler MPX, SDX or?VPX series gateway appliance devices.


    The Smart Detectors Scan checks the client machine for more than 3014 of the most used antivirus, Firewall, Anti-spyware and Anti-phishing products available today, clarify if they are installed, up to date and running. To see the list of supported antivirus, antispyware, firewall and Anti-phishing.

    The Client Certificate Scan enables an administrator to scan an endpoint device to confirm a specific certificate (or set of certificates) has been installed to the device prior to granting access, thus ensuring the device is connecting in a secure manner.

    The Client Registration scan is used to grant access providing the user agrees to a nondisclosure agreement. Access to corporate resources can be limited to a specified number of days. This period of time can be renewed as the administrator determines. For example, the administrator may allow a user to UAT test an application for 5 days, after which access will be denied.

    The Prompt User Scan empowers administrators with the ability to ask the user a specific number of questions and, dependent upon the response, access is allowed or denied to the corporate resource. The administrator can determine the type of dialog/question: Yes/No or Ok/Cancel

    The Computer Map Check scans the endpoint device, gets its name, and maps the computer name to one of the allowed groups. If the result shows that the computer map belongs to a group specified by the IT administrator, the user will be granted access to the corporate resource; otherwise, access will be denied. This type of scan will assist in protecting critical data and resources held on corporate servers from misuse by unwanted access.

    The Subnet Detection Scan enables the administrator to determine if the client is connected to the corporate network or to a remote network, allowing him the ability to grant or deny the access to the corporate resource.

    The MAC Address scan detects the media access control (MAC) address for each network interface card (NIC) or network adapter on the client device and compares the address against a data set containing the list of valid MAC addresses. This scan requires a data set listing of valid MAC addresses. The administrator may want to ensure that the client accessing the system resources is using his/her own machine at work, for example

    The Console Detection Scan determines if the user is connecting remotely to the Endpoint Device. The Scan can indicate if the user is using the actual physical Endpoint PC or is controlling it through common remote control software (RDP, ICA, and RealVNC ).

    The Screen Saver Scan allows an IT administrator to require the clients accessing their resources have screen savers configured on their machines for security purposes. This scan allows the administrator to scan the endpoint device and check for the presence of the Screen Saver and whether it is password protected or not.

    The Working Hours Scan gives an administrator the ability to allow users access to company resources only during predefined working hours, therefore an administrator can predefine working hours (12:15 ? 23:55), if a user connects to the corporate resource during this time then the access will be granted, but if he/she tries to connect

    The Domain SID scan verifies that a user is a member of a domain using the domain SID.

    The Geo-IP Scan determines the physical location of the end user device. The scan can use Country code, Region, Town / City, Postal Code and ISP as criteria for search results. We have two separate scans for you to provide more options and control over who can accesses your servers.

Extentrix EPA Scans 18.5 utilizes an easy-to-use MMC-based management console, enabling you to create rules and related scans very quickly and easily upload them directly to the Netscaler device.

It is possible to create both Extentrix EPA Scans, and native Citrix EPA scans from within our management console, whilst also being able to upload the Client Engine .dll to applicable Netscaler appliances.

The Client Component utilizes a powerful scan engine, providing numerous scans with the purpose of ensuring the endpoint device fully meets your organizations’ security requirements prior to access being granted through the Netscaler appliances.


  • Trey Nabors

    System Engineer, NetStandard

    We have been using Extentrix EPA Scans for more than a year for one of our banking customers. It provides extensive security scans and we are very happy with it. Extentrix support team are always available when I need them.

  • Bob Thompson

    Senior Director of Alliance Programs and Marketing at Citrix

    Extentrix has established itself as a trusted partner in delivering solutions that easily integrate with XenApp Server. The Citrix Ready designation offers customers an additional measure of confidence in the quality of solutions our partners, like Extentrix, bring to the marketplace

  • Owen Duke

    CEO, Propalms

    With the need to deliver data and applications to an ever increasing number of mobile workers, organizations are under pressure to enable a secure access for its mobile workers. To ensure an increased level of security for our enterprise level customers, we have partnered with Extentrix to provide a robust solution that will deliver an enhanced scan solution for secured remote access to data and applications

  • Mark Jones

    ChannelFuzion?s executive director of channel development

    The response to Extentrix solutions has been very positive. Our partners are already beginning to take Extentrix applications into their corporate accounts for evaluation and we are very excited about the opportunity these products represent.

  • Chris Fleck

    Vice President of Platform Development for Citrix

    Extentrix Endpoint Analysis Scan Packages demonstrate the importance of secure application access as part of a company?s end-to-end application delivery infrastructure. With the release of these new scan packages, Extentrix complements Citrix Access Gateway and provides Citrix Administrators new tools to ensure their data is secure

Added support for an additional 49 antivirus, antispyware, anti-fishing and firewall found in version 18.0 expanding the number of supported security products to more than 3014. Verified compatibility with pcs and operating system that are currently supported by Microsoft including XP, VISTA, 7, 8 & 10 for both platforms 32 and 64 bit.


Extentrix EPA Scans – Enterprise Edition, for Citrix Netscaler MPX, SDX and VPX series appliances, affords and administrator with the capability to ensure that client endpoint device which requires connecting to the corporate environment are doing so in a safe and secure manner. When the client device makes an attempt to connect to the Netscaler device, it is scanned based upon rules created by the administrator, designed to enforce the corporate security standards. A rule is made up of one or more scans, each of which has a specific purpose.


The client engine can:

  • Scan for the presence of more than 3014 Anti-Virus,?Firewall,? Anti-Spyware and Anti-Phishing products.
  • Execute 13 scans which can check for; the existence of an SSL certificate, a specific MAC address, a certain type of?connection, a defined type of console and much more.
  • Unique Windows Security Center (WSC) Scan complementing existing anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal anti-phishing and firewall scans, ensuring an endpoint device is protected?even if the scans are not directly supported by Extentrix; Our Scans support all current Windows platforms.
  • Domain SID scan verifies that a user is a member of a domain using the domain SID.

The client engine has been requires to be compatible with endpoint devices running operating systems that are currently supported by Microsoft including Vista 32 and 64 bit, ?Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 and 64 bit, ?as well as Windows? 10 32 and 64 bit.