Software Design Engineer – C++

Job Description

Software Design Engineers need to apply their technical talent in a creative way in order to write effective and efficient code. The current team comprises of a number of diverse skill sets, full of smart and capable individuals who share a passion for pushing the limits of technology and technical know-how, enabling our customers to gain the very best from our design service.

The position will involve working closely with project managers to define and prioritize features required of the solution in-hand.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Software Engineering.
  • Good knowledge and experience in? C, C++ and Microsoft Windows OS.
  • Experience with Object Oriented Design.
  • Excellent communication skills – spoken and written.
  • Strong problem solving skills in order to be able to assess the customers needs, create design alternatives or trade-off`s in functionality to ensure those needs are met in the best way possible.


Competitive salary based upon the successful candidates current qualifications.
Please send your resume to:
[email protected]