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"We needed some middleware product to integrate our CITRIX infrastructure with our corporate intranet portal. Extentrix Web Services - Application Edition proved to be a very good fit for our requirements."


" Citrix is pleased to partner with Extentrix to create the first ever SOA based integration with SAP NetWeaver. Not only can users launch any application from a simple portal toolbar while working on an SAP transaction, SAP NetWeaver developers can now invoke virtual application delivery at any appropriate time in an end-to-end business process."

  Richard Pandion
WEB Project Manager at Ipsen - Group Informatics
    Matt Lull
Director of Global SAP Alliance at Citrix
Extentrix Web Services

Citrix XenApp offers application virtualization and application streaming for optimal application performance.
However integrating applications with Citrix Application Delivery platform is not a simple task; till now communicating with Citrix space is limited to Citrix products.Such as:

Program Neighborhood
Program Neighborhood Agent
Web Interface

Extentrix now offers an additional set of products to access published applications

However, these two sets of utilities do not allow developers to launch published applications from within their own applications or portals. Extentrix has resolved this issue and unlocked the Citrix platform to the development community with Extentrix Web Services Application Edition. This new product is built on the open standard SOAP protocol allowing all web service consuming applications to access Citrix farms seamlessly for published application.


New Features:

  • Support pass-through login
  • Citrix Access Gateway Support
  • Citrix XenApp 5.0 Support
  • Always connected
  • Better Tools
  • Manage the ICA connection
  • Full samples on using Extentrix Web Services Application Edition 4.0
  • Enhanced Event Logging
  • Seamless Upgrade from version 3.5

Comprehensive list of APIs Extentrix Web Services Application Edition provides you with a rich set of APIs such as:

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Simple Management Tool
  • Support Latest Protocols
  • Ability to Connect to Many Farms
  • Citrix Access Gateway Support
  • Provides a Simplified Mechanism to Connect Applications
These great Applications have been developed with Extentrix Web Services Application Edition
MyWorkApps is a FaceBook application that allows FaceBook users to launch application through FaceBook web site. (
Extentrix Turbo Access Toolbar is an addon toolbar for Internet Explorer. (
Flight Express is a private company portal
Extentrix Toolbar For Citrix is consuming Extentrix Web Services - Application Edition APIs to get the published application for the logged in user and to launch any selected application. For more information, please visit (
Extentrix Web Services Application Edition integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2007

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