Have you ever been away from your office and you got a call to check your Citrix Presentation Server farm activity?



You can now. Thanks for the state of art Citrix Mobile Console by Extentrix. This unique product which was designed from start to the end to work on Mobile devices only; connects you remotely to your Presentation Server Farm using your mobile device in an easy way and cool feel and look interface.  With Citrix Mobile Console, administrators do not have to carry all that bulky huge laptop to provide administrations support.

With your mobile device and by using the Citrix Mobile Console, administrator can monitor all users, sessions, servers and applications running on any Citrix Presentation Server.  Say good bye for scrolling and hassle of long menus exist in the current Citrix Management Console.

You can now monitor all sessions, servers, and applications users running on Citrix Presentation server farm through the real-estate of your mobile device screen. You donít need to scroll to find the information you want since every thing will be accessible within your mobile device screen by clicking the easy of use toolbar. Any operation could be done easily just by one click  on any of the toolbar's buttons including refresh ,logoff  or reset a session and even sending a message to a specific session.



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